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Peer-Reviewed Publications

22. Arroyave J, Martinez CM, Martínez-Oriol FH, Sosa E & Alter SE. In Press. Regional-scale aquifer hydrogeology as a driver of phylogeographic structure in the Neotropical catfish Rhamdia guatemalensis (Siluriformes: Heptapteridae) from cenotes of the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico. Freshwater Biology.

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Martinez et al (2019), IOB

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evol cover

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8. Martinez CM & Stiassny MLJ. 2017. Can and eel be a flatfish? Observations on enigmatic asymmetrical heterenchelyid eels from the Guinea Coast of West Africa. Journal of Fish Biology. 91, 673-678.  Featured in: **New Scientist****Hakai Magazine** & **JFB Top 20 Downloaded Paper in 2018**

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Book Chapters

Vaz DFB, Martinez CM, Friedman ST & PP Rizzato. In Press. Morphological Descriptions and Taxonomy. In S Midway, C Hasler, P Chakrabarty (Eds.), Methods for fish biology, second edition. American Fisheries Society.

Education & Positions Held

(2018-Present)  Postdoctoral Associate. Department of Evolution and Ecology. University of California, Davis (Supervisor: Peter Wainwright)

(2016-2018)  UC Davis Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow. Department of Evolution and Ecology. University of California, Davis (Supervisor: Peter Wainwright)

(2014-2016) Gerstner Scholar & Lerner-Gray Postdoctoral Fellow. Department of Ichthyology, American Museum of Natural History (Supervisor: John Sparks)

(2014) Ph.D. Marine & Atmospheric Science, Stony Brook University. Burghardt Turner Graduate Fellow. Dissertation Title: Diversity of Skates (Batoidea: Rajoidei) and the Spatial Structure of NW Atlantic Communities (Advisor: Michael Frisk)

(2006) B.Sc. Aquatic Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara. Distinction in Major. Honors Thesis: Two-Part Study of a Mutualism Between a New Species of Gammarid Amphipod and Montiporan Corals (Mentor: Russell Schmitt)