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Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Martinez CM, McGee MD, Borstein SR, Wainwright PC. 2018. Feeding ecology underlies the evolution of cichlid jaw mobility. Evolution. 72 (8), 1645-1655.

Martinez CM & Sparks JS. 2017. Malagasy cichlid subfamilies differentially limit impacts of body shape evolution on oral jaw form and function. Evolution. 10.1111/evo.13298. **Journal Cover**; Featured in **Evolution Digest**

Martinez CM & Stiassny MLJ. 2017. Can and eel be a flatfish? Observations on enigmatic asymmetrical heterenchelyid eels from the Guinea Coast of West Africa. Journal of Fish Biology. 10.1111/jfb.13365.  Featured in: **New Scientist** & **Hakai Magazine**

Martinez CM, Duplisea DE, Cerrato RM & Frisk MG. 2017. Exploration of trends in interspecific abundance-occupancy relationships using empirically derived simulated communities. PLoS ONE. 12(1), e0170816. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0170816.

Martinez CM, Rohlf FJ & Frisk MG. 2016. Re-evaluation of the morphological diversity of batoid pectoral fins: consequences for locomotion and lifestyle. Journal of Morphology. 277(4), 482-493.

Martinez CM, Rohlf FJ & Frisk MG. 2016. Sexual dimorphism in sister species of Leucoraja skate and its relationship to reproductive strategy and life history. Evolution & Development. 18(2), 105-115.

Dunton K, Jordaan A, Secor D, Martinez CM, Kehler T, Hattala K, van Eenennam J, Fisher M, McKown K, Conover DO & Frisk M. 2016. Age and growth of Atlantic sturgeon, Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus, in the New York Bight. North American Journal of Fisheries Management. 36, 62-73.

O’Leary SJ, Martinez CM, Bauman H, Abercrombie D, Conover DO, Poulakis GR, Murray CH, Feldheim KA & Chapman DD. 2016. Population genetics and geometric morphometrics of Key silversides, Menidia conchorum, a marine fish in a highly fragmented inland habitat. Bulletin of Marine Science. 92(1), 33-50.

Martinez CM, Arroyave J & Sparks JS. 2015. A new species of Ptychochromis from southeastern Madagascar (Teleostei: Cichlidae). Zootaxa. 4044, 79-92.

Bergsma GS & Martinez CM. 2011. Mutualist induced morphological changes enhance growth and survival of corals. Marine Biology. 158, 2267-2277.

Publications In Review

Martinez CM, Kao B, Sparks JS, Wainwright PC. Resubmitted after revision. Pectoral dimorphism is a pervasive feature of skate diversity and offers insight into their evolution.

Arroyave J, Martinez CM& Stiassny MLJ. Resubmitted after revision. DNA barcoding uncovers remarkable cryptic diversity in the African long-finned tetra Bryconalestes longipinnis (Günther 1864) (Alestidae: Characiformes). Draft stage: written, awaiting submission.

Friedman ST, Martinez CM, Price SA, Wainwright PC. In revision. The influence of size on body shape diversification across Indo-Pacific reef fishes.

Frisk MG, Shipley ON, Martinez CM, McKown KA, Zacharias JP, Dunton KJ. In revision. First observations of long-distance migration in a large skate species, Leucoraja ocellata: Implications for population connectivity, ecosystem dynamics, and management.

Education & Positions Held

(2018-Present)  Postdoctoral Associate. Department of Evolution and Ecology. University of California, Davis (Supervisor: Peter Wainwright)

(2016-2018)  UC Davis Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow. Department of Evolution and Ecology. University of California, Davis (Supervisor: Peter Wainwright)

(2014-2016) Gerstner Scholar & Lerner-Gray Postdoctoral Fellow. Department of Ichthyology, American Museum of Natural History (Supervisor: John Sparks)

(2014) Ph.D. Marine & Atmospheric Science, Stony Brook University. Burghardt Turner Graduate Fellow. Dissertation Title: Diversity of Skates (Batoidea: Rajoidei) and the Spatial Structure of NW Atlantic Communities (Advisor: Michael Frisk)

(2006) B.Sc. Aquatic Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara. Distinction in Major. Honors Thesis: Two-Part Study of a Mutualism Between a New Species of Gammarid Amphipod and Montiporan Corals (Mentor: Russell Schmitt)